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To submit a request for review, Please complete the following form:

Review Policy:

We invite you to submit your book to Beantown Bitches for review by completing the review form below. If requesting more than one book or a series please submit a separate form for each book. We will alert you once your book has been chosen by one of the Beantown Bitches will we contact you with our kindle address.

Review Terms:

You as the author agree to provide Beantown Bitches with a copy of the book for review. This copy will only given to the person reviewing your book. All reviews are done with the understanding that the author accepts that the review will be posted on blog sites / Goodreads / Amazon / Facebook pages / and anywhere else that we share our review. Reviews are not submitted to authors prior to publication and reviews will be the HONEST opinions of the person reviewing it. Beantown Bitches does not guarantee a favorable review in exchange for the copy of the book. If you have offered a giveaway item to be given at the time of review you will still be expected to honor that obligation.

While our review will be honest we guarantee there will be no “bashing”. Criticism will be constructive and not aimed at the author or their personal opinions.

Review Disclaimer:

You are requesting a review from the Beantown Bitches Book Page. Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted if we choose to review. The estimated turn around time on the review once one of choose to review. We do get a lot of review requests and process them all in order as quickly as possible but know that the AVERAGE time for a review is around a month from THE TIME THE BOOK IS chosen. Please know that all review requests are important to us.

We try very hard when we choose to review as we want to be one of the Bitches to be excited about what we read. 

Review Ratings:

Please keep in mind that all reviews are of our opinion. We will provide you with fair and honest reviews.

★★★★★ Wicked Awesome Stars
Stop and read this NOW!

 ★★★ Wicked Great Stars
Loved it! Highly recommend to anyone

★★★ Wicked Wonderful Stars
Enjoyable and had some good moments.

★★  Stars 
It’s ok but not something I would recommend

Did Not Finish

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The Beantown Bitches

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