We’re three opinionated Boston bitches that have a love for reading.
Our page is all about the Author and their Books.Pimping, Promoting, reviewing, rating and discussing is what we’ll do here.
Because we are just starting, we will take things slow but eventually we will start highlighting authors and having contests.

These are your Admins. If you have a problem or question, contact one of us.


 Welcome Everyone! I'm a total book WHORE! I love the thrill of a good romance, from the time when they meet to the happy ever after ending and with a lot of drama in between! Nothing like being sucked into a whirlwind romance to get the heart pumping! I love talking about books, books and more books! I am at times the ringleader, follower and the instigator to my two friends here. With us 3 Boston gals (including the Boston accent) together you are sure to have fun visiting our page! Oh and drinks (rum, especially for me) always gets us going too!


 Hey all! I’m a fun crazy ass lady and you never know what’s going to come of my mouth, so be warned! I love to read all sorts of Romance, Erotica, Dark & Twisted, and some Paranormal. I seriously enjoy pics of HOT men, so you’ll definitely see some of those here!! But NO peens or full out nudity… Facebook doesn’t like it when I post those and I don’t want to go to FB jail.


Hi ladies. I LOVE to read but not as fast as my 2 admin friends (those bitches) ..they are super crazy fast but I will get there one day lol. I love all sorts of books Romance, Erotica, Biography, YA and so on....

This is a drama free zone, don’t want it and won’t have it….Believe me, If we have to go all Boston on you, we will! So play nice!!

We hope you enjoy your time here and ask that you LIKE and SHARE our page. Thanks!

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